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Adjuvants to hypocaloric diets for body weight loss

Food supplements useful for supporting weight loss diets, with plants and nutrients that can combat cellulite, reduce appetite, support metabolism and encourage a "fat burning" activity.

To meet the needs of those who want to lose weight, stay in shape or maintain their ideal weight, Dr Giorgini has developed a series of products specifically to keep CONTROL OF ONE'S BODY WEIGHT, designed to meet different needs.

According to their distinct and specific actions, these supplements can be divided into:

  • products with a thermogenic function (so-called "fat burning");
  • products that support energy metabolism and the metabolism of lipids (cholesterol and triglycerides);
  • products that support the metabolism of sugars;
  • products that control the appetite;
  • products with diuretic and draining effects;
  • products against cellulite-derived skin imperfections
.All Dr Giorgini food supplements for body weight control are formulated with only highest quality raw materials by the special method invented by the doctor, which allows preserving all the active ingredients and nutrients of the plants used, so as to ensure the maximum concentration of the active principle and, consequently, greater effectiveness.The word "diet" (from the Latin diaeta, which in turn derives from the Greek díaita) originally generically referred to an individual "way of living” in relation to food intake.
Currently, instead, it is almost always used incorrectly as a synonym for "nutrition regime", to refer to a set of specific requirements that an individual must follow in order to lose weight or maintain a balanced body weight.

"To be in shape" has become a categorical imperative of contemporary society, but we must remember that a proper diet, combined with regular exercise, not only can help you keep the right weight for "aesthetic" purposes, but it is crucial for our all-round wellness. /p>

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  1. CALOVIS 180  tablets


    Food supplement useful as an adjuvant to hypocaloric diets for body weight loss. Gymnema supports appetite control and improves fat and carbohydrate and lipidmetabolism. The unripe fruits of bitter orange help maintain a balanced body weight and act as a metabolic stimulus, especially useful for assisting fat metabolism. Phosphorus and vitamins B3, B5 and B6 contribute to normal energy metabolism.
    Available formats 90 g


    Glucomannan compositum

    Food supplement useful as an adjuvant to hypocaloric diets for body weight loss. Glucomannan contributes to weight loss* and contributes to the maintenance of normal levels of cholesterol in the blood. ** Phosphorus, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B12, C and biotin promote energy metabolism. Beneficial effects obtainable with a daily intake of: * 3 g (in 3 doses of 1 g) / ** 4 g of glucomannan.
    Available formats 90 g

  3. GREEN COFFEE 180  tablets

    Green coffee

    Il caffè verde viene utilizzato da secoli per le sue proprietà benefiche. Possiede effetti antiossidanti e, grazie all’azione tonica e di  sostegno metabolico, può risultare utile come coadiuvante di diete ipocaloriche per la riduzione del peso corporeo.
    Available formats 90 g

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  4. GREEN GUARANA 180  tablets

    Green Guarana

    Guarana has been used for centuries for its beneficial properties. Useful as an adjuvant in a hypocaloric diet for body weight loss. It promotes lipid metabolism, the drainage of body fluids and, thanks to its tonic properties, helps fight off physical and mental fatigue.
    Available formats 90 g

  5. Obevis


    Food supplement useful as an adjuvant to hypocaloric diets for body weight loss. Sea oak helps balance body weight and stimulates metabolism. Fennel, restharrow, corn, aparine, birch, grapefruit, asparagus, heather and golden rod promote the drainage of body fluids.

  6. PINEAPPLE COMPOSITUM 180  tablets

    Pineapple Compositum

    Food supplement useful as an adjuvant to hypocaloric diets for body weight loss. Pineapple reduces the unsightly skin effects of cellulite and, in association with grapefruit, promotes drainage of body fluids. Pineapple can also improve microcirculation and relieve the feeling of heaviness in the legs. Calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins B3, B5 and B6 contribute to normal energy metabolism*.
    Available formats 90 g

  7. SLIMFER 225  tablets


    Adjuvant in hypocaloric diets for body weight loss.
    Available formats 90 g

  8. SWEET NATURE 200 g

    Sweet Nature

    Available formats 200 g

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