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How to fight off candida

Women’s health (circulation, hormones, menopause)

Causes and factors that favour the onset of a widespread nuisance

The scientific name Candida albicans is used to indicate a fungus often present in some districts of the human body, in particular in the gastrointestinal tract and in the oral cavity.

Typically, this fungus "behaves" like a diner, i.e. it benefits from our body (feeding on organic matter and participating in the digestion of sugars), without  "returning", in exchange, particular advantages or disadvantages.
Some special conditions may, however, lead to a weakening of the immune system of our body and promote its overgrowth.

Candida albicans can be so transformed from "harmless guest " into a real "parasite", starting to cause some trouble.
The symptoms in this case may vary according to the "affected" zones. The potentially affected areas are indeed different:

  • skin and nails;
  • digestive system;
  • urogenital apparatus (more common in women, but also possible in men).

In case of recurring and high intensity ailments, it is always good to consult your doctor in order to identify with certainty the causes and, therefore, the most appropriate solutions.

Diet and herbs to reduce discomfort

Are there foods to avoid in order to limit the discomfort and promote a faster recovery?
The most correct food to counteract candida must aim at strengthening the defences of our body and, at the same time, subtracting nourishment to the microorganism.
To this end, it is therefore good to follow certain dietary rules:

  • reduce sugars, especially complex ones, and all foods rich in yeast (very sweet fruit, soft drinks, snacks, cookies, beer etc.);
  • pay attention to foods rich in preservatives, to smoked foods and hard cheeses;
  • eliminate alcohol;
  • introduce in the daily diet natural yoghurt, useful for the high levels of enzymes that it contains. Further support can come from using a specific supplement enriched with probiotics and prebiotics;
  • give preference to light food and seasonal vegetables (fish, eggs, lean meat, rice etc.).

Since the occurrence of this problem can be favoured by an altered function of the immune system, you can also benefit from taking specific supplements.
The most suitable ones, in these cases, include in the formulation:

  • herbs like astragalus, echinacea, skullcap, acerola and camu-camu, all useful in promoting the body's natural defences;
  • nutrients and vitamins such as zinc, iron, selenium, copper, vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, and folic acid, which support the normal function of the immune system.

To alleviate any irritation of the genitals, it is advisable to use a specific detergent  for your daily personal hygiene.
The most suitable natural cosmetics for washing in these cases are the ones that can have a soothing and purifying effect.
The natural lotions most suitable for this purpose are those rich in herbal ingredients with soothing and detoxifying action (for example, extracts of bearberry, burdock, geranium, calendula, St. John's wort, aloe, echinacea, lapacho etc.).
Some formulations are also enriched with refreshing essential oils with antibacterial and antifungal properties.

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