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How to combat cellulite in a natural way

Women’s health (circulation, hormones, menopause)

The most feared blemish among women can also be counteracted with the right plants

The definition panniculopatia edemato fibro sclerotica is perhaps unknown to most. This is actually the name used in medicine to describe the most hated unsightly skin condition among women, especially before the "bikini body challenge": cellulite.

What exactly is cellulite? What are the causes?

But, above all, what are the most effective remedies to combat it?

Cellulite, which can often be associated with localised fat, is an alteration of the connective tissue occurring with a spongy or "pitted" appearance.

You can identify three types of cellulite, which differ according to the stage of advancement of the imperfection:

  • oedematous, characterised by a stagnation of fluid in the tissues. At this early stage, cellulite is perceptible only to the touch and can be accompanied by swelling and heaviness in the legs;
  • fibrous, which is visibly manifested in the form of  "orange peel" skin. At this stage, we are witnessing a kind of "swelling" of fat cells, aided by fluid retention and poor circulation;
  • sclerotic, characterised by hardened and painful nodules and "mattress-like" skin.

The causes of cellulite can be different, among these are:

  • genetic factors, heredity;
  • improper nutrition;
  • hormonal factors;
  • "aggravating" factors (too tight clothing, sedentary lifestyle, smoking etc.).

Often the presence of more "negative factors" can lead to a rapid deterioration of the imperfection.

Plants most used in natural anti-cellulite supplements and cosmetics

To act more effectively against cellulite, you must first identify the cause. A consultation with your doctor or an aesthetic physician can prove a valuable support to this end.

However, there are general rules and natural remedies that can be considered always valid against this imperfection.

To counteract venous stasis and overweight (elements that may favour the development of the imperfection or worsen it), it is advisable to practice regular physical activity (swimming, cycling, walking etc.) and follow a balanced diet.

So go ahead to fruit and vegetables in season, white meat, fish, whole-grain pasta or rice. You should also drink a lot, at least 1.5 litres of water a day. On the contrary, you should limit alcohol, saturated fats, fried foods and all foods that contain a high dose of sodium (which promotes fluid retention).

You can also benefit from the ingestion of some natural supplements, specifically designed to counteract fluid retention and support circulation.

In the formulation of these products are typically exploited extracts of the following plants, alone or in combination with other nutrients:

  • fruits of blueberry, butcher's broom, horse chestnut can support microcirculatory function and combat heavy legs;
  • pineapple (stem) and Asian coinleaf can counteract cellulite-derived skin imperfections and promote micro-circulation, relieving the feeling of heavy legs

Obviously there are no miracle cures, but perseverance in taking supplements and a proper diet can promote decent improvements.

The results obtained in these cases may vary from person to person and depend on the stage of the imperfection, internal factors (hormones), build and lifestyle.

More help against cellulite can come from massage cycles, or from regular self-massage with special gels or creams. In the formulation of natural cosmetics made for this purpose may be present substances with lipolytic action such as caffeine and green coffee, or stimulants like seaweed.

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