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    Moisturising cream

    Face cream rich in moisturising, restorative and emollient plant ingredients. Based on an abundant complex of soothing plant extracts (including althea and aloe) and buds (including hawthorn and cranberry); with emollient vegetable oils (such as sweet almonds, coconut and Argan); with shea butter, amino acids and vitamins with protective action. Suitable for both men and women, it soothes and protects dry and sensitive skin.
    Available formats 50 ml

  2. FULL FAST FOR MEN 60 tablets

    Full Fast for Men

    Glucomannancontributes to weight loss* whereas guar gum supports satiety andreduces the absorption of nutrients. Garcinia, gymnema and griffoniahelp stave off hunger pangs and curb cravings whereas laminaria andbladderwrack (fucus) accelerate metabolism. Cassia nomame supportshealthy metabolism of triglycerides and cholesterol whereas gymnemaimproves the metabolism of carbohydrates and, in association withgarcinia and fucus, takes part in lipid metabolism. Garcinia, cassianomame, fucus and green tea help you maintain a healthy body weightwhereas maca, tribulus and green tea carry out a tonic action useful forkeeping physical and mental fatigue under control. Selenium supportsspermatogenesis whereas zinc helps maintain normal testosterone levelsin the blood, promoting male reproduction and fertility. *A beneficialeffect can be obtained with a daily intake of 3 g of glucomannan.

    Available formats 48 g

  3. SUN TAN OIL 250 ml SPF 15

    Sun tan oil

    Ideal for all skin types
    SPF15 UVB + UVA medium protection
    Available formats 250 ml



    Soothing and decongestant ointment, ideal for red and sensitive skin, with dilated or enlarged vessels on the surface of the skin. With soothing extracts of butcher's broom, witch hazel, yarrow, horse chestnut and poplar; emollient linseed oil and shea butter; allantoin with restorative action; vitamins A, E and C with nutritional function; essential oils with a toning and refreshing action. It can also provide relief in the case of haemorrhoids if applied to the surrounding external parts.
    Available formats 50 ml

  5. FIRMING CREAM 100 ml

    Firming cream

    Firming and toning cream for breast, belly and buttocks. Rich in active and restorative ingredients such as amino acids and vitamins (A, B5, C and E); shea butter and emollient oil of almonds, sesame, avocado and flax; stimulating and toning extracts of soy, marshmallow, clover, hops and ivy. Applied regularly, it provides firmness to sagging skin, giving it a more toned and firm appearance.
    Available formats 100 ml

  6. BODY CREAM 250 ml

    Body cream

    Moisturising and elasticising body cream.With shea butter and emollient oils of sweet almonds, avocado and flax; restorative active ingredients such as allantoin, vitamins (A, B5, C and E) and hyaluronic acid; scented with stimulating and toning essential oils.It leaves your skin soft and smooth, helping maintain the natural elasticity of the tissues and prevent the onset of stretch marks.
    Available formats 250 ml


    Anti-wrinkle cream

    Face cream rich in active ingredients such as collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and amino acids useful for favouring skin elasticity; emollient oils of almond, sesame, avocado and flax; nutrients such as zinc and vitamins (A, B5, B6, C and E); reinvigorating and toning extracts of marshmallow, mallow, marigold and aloe. If applied regularly, it tones and firms sagging skin, fighting the formation of wrinkles, reducing the signs of ageing making you look younger and fresher.
    Available formats 50 ml

  8. AC-MILK 250 ml

    AC - milk

    Dermo-purifying, sulfur-based cleansing milk with astringent and purifying plant extracts of pot marigold, burdock and pansy. It contains natural emollient oils of hemp, flax and evening primrose, natural essential oils, vitamins and pure distilled dew water. Designed for cleaning oily and impure skin with dilated pores, balckheads or prone to acne; it is also suitable for sensitive or reddened skin. It respects the natural pH of the skin and cleanses gently by removing impurities.
    Available formats 250 ml

  9. SHEA OIL 125 ml

    Shea oil

    Shea oil, obtained from the nuts of the plant, has beneficial regenerating, firming, antioxidant, soothing and nourishing properties for the beauty of your skin and hair. It moisturises the skin of your hands, face and body while helping fight off skin blemishes (dry skin, wrinkles, small scars and stretch marks).
    Shea oil is absorbed quickly and gives the skin a pleasant smoothness and softness sensation.
    Available formats 125 ml

  10. CVC cream

    CVC cream

    Active body cream, with refreshing and decongestant effect, containing plant extracts and natural essential oils with a tonic action, useful in reactivating skin microcirculation. Ideal for facilitating the absorption of small haematomas, superficial capillaries or imperfections caused by minor injuries (bruises, insect bites ...). Useful for giving relief to tired legs and counteracting the sense of heaviness.

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