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  • ABACUVIS 10 ml


    100% pure and natural essential oil blend with balsamic and fluidising effect, distilled from 20 aromatic plants....

  • ELASTICUS 180  tablets


    Food supplement containing collagen, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and other nutrients. Vitamin C contributes to the formation of collagen needed for the maintenance of healthy skin, cartilage, bones, tee...

  • AC CREAM 50 ml

    AC - cream

    Skin cleansing cream, rich in astringent, toning and purifying plant extracts, with soothing natural oils, essential oils and vitamins. Suitable for oily and impure skin with dilated pores, blackheads...

  • AC-MILK 250 ml

    AC - milk

    Dermo-purifying, sulfur-based cleansing milk with astringent and purifying plant extracts of pot marigold, burdock and pansy. It contains natural emollient oils of hemp, flax and evening primrose, nat...

  • Pure vitamin C

    Pure vitamin C

    Dog rose, acerola and camu-camu fruits are naturally rich in vitamin C, which has many properties: it promotes energy metabolism, reducing tiredness and fatig...

  • Olivis Plus

    Olivis Plus

    Hawthorn, garlic and coleus support healthy cardiovascular functions, the olive promotes normal blood circulation and, altogether, they can help you keep your blood pressure within a healthy range. Al...

  • Bombay catechu

    Bombay catechu

    Catechu has an astringent effect on intestinal transit and an emollient and soothing action on the digestive system. It also stimulates the metabolism of carbohydrates and cholesterol and is useful as...

  • Cardiomix


    The flowers and leaves of hawthorn favour the proper functioning of the cardiovascular system and keep blood pressure levels normal. They also promote relaxation and mental well-being and counteract o...

  • Diuvis


    Corn, horsetail, asparagus, parsley, celery, goldenrod, pellitory and heather can promote urinary tract function and, with fennel and restharrow, improve drainage of body fluid. In addition, asparagus...

  • Ginseng cream

    Ginseng cream

    Toning cream containing active ingredients with regenerating action such as collagen, elastin and vitamins A, B5, C and E. With nourishing almond and flaxseed oils, moisturising marshmallow extract an...

  • Tau-fer


    Food supplement containing chicory, taurine, glycine, vitamins and other nutrients. Chicory promotes healthy liver function and stimulates the gallbladder function. Also, it supports the digestive pro...

  • Camillavis


    Soothing solution for the intimate area containing extracts of marshmallow, aloe, baptisia, pot marigold, walnut, Jupiter's beard and embryonic or fresh meristematic tissues of walnut and raspber...

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